The Jendorra Boxes Storyline

The Jendorra Boxes Book I: The Sending


The Sending starts with an intriguing question: Would the demands of survival prompt mortals to become ruthless and cruel or would this vulnerability lead them to respect and appreciate the gift of life? Curious as to the answer, three gods decide to find out by creating the Milky Way and seeding this galaxy with various life forms. But two of the deities cheat – stacking the odds in their favour by creating separate alien forces, the Aleri and the Zagnish who are then directed to trick other intelligent species throughout the galaxy into following the selfish paths predicted by the two cynical gods.

However, the Aleri and the Zagnish must remain completely hidden. So it is only by accident that five young teenagers, living in the small North American town of Riverdale, stumble across the aliens after receiving a mysterious sending from the jendorra boxes. Boggled by the fact that the Earth might be at risk, the teens are initially unsure about what can be done to counter the threat. But there is no escaping the distressing truth: to defeat the alien menace, the boxes that triggered this quest must be found and opened.

Pronghorn and grass fire

This can only be done if the each seeker is able to meet the challenges presented by their particular jendorra box. For one girl, this means placing less emphasis on her own intelligence and learning to respect other people’s knowledge and opinions. Another teen must learn to express his leadership potential in a quiet, supportive fashion, while a third seeker will have to figure out how to balance her spontaneous creative side with self-discipline. Still another seeker must develop the strength to follow her own values even if this means risking peer exclusion, while one particularly independent teen must learn to surrender some of his autonomy in order to work with others. In addition, all of the seekers must turn away from the greed and hypocrisy promoted by the Zagnish and Aleri. Can the young seekers do this – and in the process save Earth?

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The Jendorra Boxes Book II: The Search


The Search continues the quest triggered by a divine bet over how mortals will respond to a need to survive. Will they become ruthless, or will they follow a more enlightened path? This is no idle wager, for two of the gods have decided that if one of them is proven right, their proxies in the contest — either the deceptive Aleri or the dreaded Zagnish — will be granted control of the entire galaxy, including Earth.

The last chance to avoid this terrible outcome is here in the twenty-first-century where a small group of teens are working to find ways to express values that are the very opposite of the greed and hypocrisy promoted by the Zagnish and Aleri. They must also develop the personal strengths that are represented by the different boxes that they seek. Some new seekers emerge from the larger group of teens in the town of Riverdale. One of these recruits is a natural leader who must discover compassion, while the other is a teen who needs to open himself in a more trusting way to the world. Determined to meet the challenge, this growing circle of teens begin to respond to various every-day pressures and obstacles in a more positive, courageous manner.

Wolf hiding

Seeing centuries of careful effort falling apart due to these upstart teens, the aliens adopt increasingly drastic measures. This forces some seekers to seek refuge out west, while two of the teens flee to the time of the Ice Ages where they discover some important truths about themselves. Two other seekers must face their own inner fears and insecurities as the try to rescue a comrade who was swept into a dark, soulless place of nameless terror called The Void. As the circle of seekers and their allies expands, it remains a desperate race against time. And the only hope is to find and open all seven jendorra boxes before the aliens get their act together and eliminate the meddlesome Earthlings.


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The Jendorra Boxes Book III: Choices


In Choices, the Aleri and the Zagnish become desperate. They absolutely must determine who or what had been behind the unsanctioned jendorra-box sendings and, as a result, begin to coordinate their efforts to capture and eliminate the seekers and their various allies. Yet the aliens suffer a serious setback when three parents of the seekers manage an unprecedented escape through the uncharted “in-between zone” that connects a hidden Zagnish moon-base with the Earth’s surface.

But all is not good, for a deeply evil force known only as the Dark Time has also begun to spread unchecked throughout the intergalactic void. In a dangerous attempt to stave off disaster, three of the teens journey back in time to when Earth was being formed. Their mission is to close some ancient portals that might provide the Dark Time access to the planet. While back in this distant time, the trio discover that some of their friends have taken a clandestine initiative to head back in time, on their own and unprepared. The task of closing the portals now becomes complicated by a need to save their friends and still get back alive.

Monoliths and owl

Meanwhile, the other members of the group continue to face challenges related to twenty-first century living, while other seekers must overcome threats posed by the Aleri-Zagnish alliance and the Dark Time. As stakes rise and chaos threatens to overwhelm the entire galaxy, the group seems scattered but still united in their determination to express the strengths and virtues represented by the seven jendorra boxes.

At this darkest hour, several more Aleri and Zagnish defect to the side of freedom and choice. Will the seekers and their allies be able to stem the evil tide? Will their small, individual actions and a commitment to justice, tolerance and environmental responsibility make a difference? Finding the answer takes the reader on a whirlwind tour through time and space, as these courageous teens tackle many of the complex challenges facing today’s world.

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