Ascension CD

Ascension is a nine-track, 71 minute mix of energetic, adventurous progressive rock composed and performed by Yanik Fillion Murphy. Yanik’s goal with this album was to create a flow of musical ideas that would prompt listeners to set aside their perceived notions of the world and let the waves of sound inspire visual images of faraway places. Encouraging his listeners to approach this musical journey with a receptive mind and a sense of humour, Yanik speculates that on this faraway world perhaps anything may be possible, even flying by hat across the surface of a strange planet guided by the light from many suns and a krimson moon.

Ascension CD Samples

Track 1: Descension (2:10) — like a slumbering beast, the musical ideas of this opening piece seem to be slowly awakening, taking the listener to an eerie, perhaps even dark place. However, while the drum beats quicken slightly, they do not reach sustained intensity and we remain in the lair of a mystery.

Track 2: Tour de Babel (5:48) — building on these rhythms and melody lines, there is more push and musical complexity. Tension builds. Eventually, there is an explosion of energy that perhaps echoes the charge of a thousand warriors across a dusty plain. A fabled jewel is captured and the riders turn their horses homewards.

Track 3: Into Oblivion (7:32) — but, danger has not passed as a new, deeper march of sound arrives, it’s intensity interspersed with lines of jazz piano that eventually deposit the listener on the shores of a new softer land where the sounds of guitar create a sense of mystery and longing before returning to the previously ominous, but now receding march.

Track 4: Moment Musicals (3:52) — like the return of the vibrant softness of spring, a more playful, softer interlude bursts forth, leading to a more pensive inner journey.

Track 5: Travel by Hat (11:38) — as if traveling by means of a magical hat, we fly through a variety of changing sound-scapes. Musical ideas remain integrated, but there are many changes of mood, sometimes soaring, sometimes more troubling but the playful energy of the hat prevails.

Track 6: Five Suns (10:03) — a varied composition of the light structured dance of the harpsichord, the flowing sound of violins and the intense percussion dominated rhythms reminiscent of earlier tracks suggest a land where five very different suns hold sway. The piece eventually reaches a gripping crescendo before ending with the light melodious sound of bells.

Track 7: Krimson Moon (9:50) — the soaring, singing tones of lead guitar interact with dramatic piano melodies in a beautiful interplay between these two instruments. Backed up by strong rhythm guitar sections and pulsating drums, the result is a musical image of a night spent under the krimson moon — a night of longing, search and mystery, building to a whirlwind of midnight dance before reaching a triumphant conclusion to this moonlit search.

Track 8: Katatonic Sea (12:37) — shifting gears, the listener is now awash with the roiling sounds from a katatonic sea stirred into action by waves of piano, drum and guitar riffs. Reaching a frenzied climax, the musical pace slows, almost stopping before moving on to a heart-stirring interlude of interwoven guitar, piano and synthesizer melodies. Yet the frenzied waves finally return to complete the cycle.

Track 9: Pandemonium (7:41) — The journey almost complete, the final piece on this album is a classic, rock composition with a striking combination of rhythm guitar and flowing jazz piano lines juxtaposed with riveting dubstep beats. Together, they push their respective rhythms and melodies to new heights right to the stirring end.”

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