About Ragungi Records

Ragungi Records was established within the Ragungi group of companies with the aim of helping young, talented artists produce and distribute modern symphonic, progressive rock music especially albums that are primarily instrumental and epic in nature.

Currently, Ragungi Records features the music of solo artist and composer Yanik Fillion-Murphy. Displaying a varied and sophisticated musical style, Yanik has created a number of symphonic, progressive rock CD’s that involve intricate musical ideas and interwoven melodic themes.

Yanik’s latest CD, Storm Odyssey, includes nine compositions containing seventy-one minutes of energetic, sweeping musical arrangements. Each track on this album is based on a unique set of complex, inter-related musical ideas that weave back and forth as various instruments interact, creating ever-evolving flows of sound that carry the listener to new and unexpected destinations. Find musical samplers here and for more information about this artist and his CDs.