About Ragungi Press

Our Mission

Dedicated to publishing young adult fiction novels as well as other books for teens and adult readers, Ragungi Press is currently focusing on producing cutting-edge young adult books designed to spark discussion and increase reader awareness about environmental themes and social issues that are increasingly relevant to today’s world.

The first project of the Ragungi Press division was the publication of the popular teen fantasy series, The Jendorra Boxes, which includes The Sending, The Search and Choices: three of the best teen fantasy books to come to print in a while.

Written by Kevin H. Murphy, this modern, epic adventure trilogy for young adults tracks the efforts of a courageous set of North American teens to save our planet. As a set, these thrilling novels encourage readers to get involved and take action to improve their own personal lives while also creating a better, more sustainable world.

The teen adventure series achieves this by following the efforts of a group of teenagers to counter the threat posed by two alien forces who are trying to manipulate all Earthlings into being greedy, ruthless and self-preoccupied. If the aliens succeed, they will win total control over Earth, all its resources and all its life-forms. Only by finding a set of mysterious jendorra boxes and then opening them by making better decisions concerning the personal challenges they face, can the teens improve their own lives and save our planet from an alien take-over.

This set of novels for young adults promises to be one of the best teen fantasy series of the decade and is a must read for parents and kids who are fans of children’s literature. These teen fiction books are also suitable for teachers and librarians who want to expose young readers to avant-garde fiction that explores important environmental themes and modern-day social issues, while providing today’s teens with practical advice about how they can respond more effectively to opportunities and frustrations in their own lives.